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Full Stock Broking Services

Dedicated Advisor
We focus on providing full support to assist you in servicing your share account, with direct phone line access to your dedicated Advisor and in building your share portfolio business.

Portfolio Review
We offer to review your existing share portfolios or construct new share portfolios, taking into account your required investment objectives. We can provide recommendations and highlight new investment opportunities.

Share Investment Advice
Our Advisors proactively provide advice of the highest standard with our supporting research.

Superior & Timely Research
We offer economic, sector, industry and individual company analysis.

Floats, IPOs & Capital Raisings
We are involved in many of the corporate initial public offerings (IPOs) and other new private placement issues, including seed investments in the Australian market and we, can provide you with direct access to these opportunities. (subject to availability).

Ideas & Opportunities
We focus on takeovers, rights issues, switching ideas and value opportunities. The quality of our ideas is driven by our world-class expertise and unsurpassed depth of resources.

Cash Products Other Investments
Cash Management & Term Deposit Bank Account Services.

Other Investments & Services
Debentures, Corporate Bonds and Convertible Note offerings, providing higher yield returns on your investment. Specialist Margin Lending Facilities for High Net worth’s and corporate’s on most Global Listed Companies. (Including – Micro-Cap and Mid-Cap Listed Companies, Subject to Terms & Conditions). Our Specialist Margin lending Facilities provide access to immediate capital funding from collateral in your significant shareholdings of most listed ASX Micro-Cap and Mid-Cap companies. (Subject to approvals and Terms & Conditions)